I’ve been in La Paz working on a story about child labour for the past ten days or so; Bolivia put the legal working age down to ten years old earlier this year, albeit with certain stipulations on the types of work that children can perform. It’s been fascinating talking to people here about the views towards the issue, and how much of it stands in strong contrast to what we accept as right in the West.

But aside from all that, La Paz has a grubby charm that makes it rather attractive. Plus I’m a sucker for mountains, and this city sits atop the Andes. My snazzy watch tells me that my hotel sits at just over 3600m, and my legs tell me it’s a damn steep walk back up to it every night. Here are a few pictures from my phone, playing the tourist.

Many of these images have already appeared on my Instagram feed, and more will follow — @philmoorephoto