Extreme violence has torn-apart the Central African Republic. Photographers such as Jerome Delay (A.P.), William Daniels (Panos/TIME), and Camille Lepage (Hans Lucas) have produced incredible work on this spiralling crisis and the lynchings that have ruptured the fabric of society.

Arriving during a period of relative calm—at least in terms of the daily slayings that dominated the headlines last month—I chose to focus on the plight of the few remaining Muslims, holed up in three ghettos across the capital, Bangui. "If we set foot outside of these neighbourhoods, we will be killed" was the gist of their testimonies.

Continuing the format I began using in South Sudan in January, I wanted to have those involved tell their stories, and explain the situation. With interviews from four principal characters, the result is a multi-media piece published on IRIN.