Protestors demonstrate in Bujumbura, last May

On April 25 last year, incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza accepted his party's nomination to run for a controversial third-term in Burundi's upcoming elections, despite calls to respect the two-term limit defined in the country's constitution and sacred Arusha Accords, that ended years of civil war. His presidential bid sparked protests across the capital, and were met with brutal force by security forces. 

A Burundian refugee cooks in the Nduta refugee camp

A year later, with several hundreds dead and over a quarter of a million refugees, there is still no end in sight to the violence that was unleashed. 

Published today on Al Jazeera English, a slideshow of my work documenting the crisis looks back at the past year. I'm no longer able to work in Burundi, but in March I visited two refugee camps in northwestern Tanzania, which are home to over 120,000 Burundian refugees. On Saturday, the Guardian published a slideshow of my work there