Bog-snorkelling was one of those words that was in my vocabulary, but I'd never really stopped to actually think what it entailed. I associated it loosely with Wales, but didn't really have an idea of why.

It turns out it originated (in a pub, of course) in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, which claims to be the smallest town in Britain (although it's not). The sport, which involves snorkelling up-and-down a length of peat bog in the fastest time possible, was invented with the sole purpose of bringing tourists to the town, after the decline in people coming to take the spa waters. 

Competing in the event were a couple from Germany, who came over from Hamburg specifically for The Games. The Swedes put in a strong show, taking home gold and bronze in the ladies' category. And an Ozzie couple won gold in the wife-carrying championship.