A film in the making by Canadian film-maker Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque, a development worker, journalist and filmmaker. “She worked for almost 3 years in Sudan, in the field of media and development, with the BBC World Service Trust and the United Nations peacekeeping mission.”

At a historical crossroad, Sudan is about to split in two. A referendum on self-determination in early 2011 will likely separate the Muslim North and the Christian South into two countries. Yet the current country’s capital, Khartoum, is a haven of peace and stability where Sudanese from different regions, ethnicity and religion coexist. Youth from diverse backgrounds are all waiting each in their own way to build Sudan. But their country is a ticking bomb. The film follows young people ranging from the ages of 8 to 30 whom all live in Khartoum, and are each confronted with a unique quest.

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