Between 1986 and 2006, up to an estimated 75,000 people were abducted in northern Uganda, and in 2013, the fate of several thousands remains unknown; the ICRC estimates that there may be more than 12,000 people still missing. Their families have lived for years with this uncertainty, unable to honour their death, and hanging on to the hope that one day, their family members may return. The emotional distress this has caused has led to many feeling isolated, unable to talk about their situation with other members of the community and feeling stigmatised and discriminated against due to a perceived connection to the rebels.

The ICRC launched a holistic programme in Palabek Gem Subcounty identifying, and subsequently bringing together, families of the missing. Within support groups for these families, trained "accompaniers" facilitated discussion on learning how to cope with their grief and finding a way to move forward.

Large image, above: Cecilia Ator (slide 9) sits at home